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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Extended Break

Real Life Calls. RL: “hi” gamer: “Hello” RL: “You have a wedding that’s coming up, you know?” gamer: “I do? oh Umm I guess I should stop horsing around and get that thing planned, eh?” RL: “Yes, or I shall smite you right in the ass!” gamer: “I got it! Geez Louise” a few moments … Continue reading »

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Exalted with Argent Dawn

After many long hours of undead slayings and spider squashings, Kamiree has reached exalted with argent dawn. The victory finally allowed her a personal glimpse into Naxxramas (long LONG overdue), promptly allowing her to kill mr. bigglesworth. I know, I know. All that work just to kill a freakin’ cat? But that cat is something … Continue reading »

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Quiet Moment

a quiet moment of reflection

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