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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Shadoweave Tailoring

Zaira reached 375 in shadoweave tailoring. She’s now able to complete the Shadow’s Embrace 3-piece Epic Cloth Set.

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Kurenai – Exalted

Zaira reached exalted with the Kurenai faction, and promptly bought a White War Talbuk. Next on the reputation list is Timbermaw (yes, She’s been stuck at friendly for AGES) and The Consortium.

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Netherwing – Exalted

In approximately 8 days Zaira was able to attain a netherdrake mount doing the daily quests and 3 of the 6 flight races. Most of her time was spent finding eggs, which really helped get it done in a pretty quick manner.

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Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Kamiree was rewarded with the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat through the daily fishing quests Felblood Fillet given by Old Man Barlo just outside of Shattrath’s Silmyr Lake. The main advantage of the Weather-Beaten over the Lucky is the re-useable +75 fishing lure. Which helps save Aquadynamic Fish Attractor’s for more important fishing reasons. Below is a … Continue reading »

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