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Rare – Time-Lost Proto-Drake

Posted by on October 31, 2011

After nearly 3 years of on/off camping and listening to wind gusts in the bitterly cold land of Storm Peaks, I took down Time-Lost Proto-Drake and stole the Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. My last camping session lasted approximately 30 hours, during which I killed Vyragosa and Skoll. I camped the spawn point near Frozen Lake for the majority of the time, although I made a couple laps over towards Engine of the Makers to break up time. Skoll spawned a Frozen Lake and Vyragosa flew easterly from Frozen Lake going towards Engine of the Makers. I did not have knowledge of their actual spawn points. Skoll did not get detected until I flew down from spawn point off FrostHold Peak. I’m also not aware of where Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawned either, from my camp position he flew westerly coming up from the Bor’s Breath to Frozen Lake. Although, I believe it’s a safe bet Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawned at the Great Falls area considering how low I saw him coming in from Bor’s Breath.

I was quite thrilled to check this bastardly time-sucker off my list, which puts my mount collection count at 128. The fight is quite easy. The only issue I had was tagging him; his flight speed was quite quick. I dismounted, popped levitate and went to tag him with shadow word: pain, but yet was already out of my range. So I had to remount and get a bit ahead of him and tag him from an outcropping on the side of the peak. Thankfully there was not competition and I was easily able to chase him down.

The Rare:
Time-Lost Proto-Drake
Level: 80
Health: 18,900

The Loot:
Time-Forward Talisman
Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake
Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel – 24 gold, 54 Silver, 67 Copper – Frostweave Cloth x 20, Crystallized Air x 3 and Crystallized Earth x 5

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