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Author Archives: Kamtastic

Dun Morogh Sledding

I was recently exploring Dun Morogh after being inspired by Skolnick of Warcraft Less Traveled to check out the wintry “vacation” cave of Ortell in the mountains of Dun Morogh. Of course, I get lost in the process and find myself on the complete opposite side of the zone. Pleasantly surprised though, I stumbled upon … Continue reading »

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Fashion – Bloodsail Garb

Ahoy Matey! I’ve crushed seventeen men’s skulls between me thighs! …. Ooo Ummm, I’m letting the hat get to me. So I broke out the pirate gear and decided to talk a bit o’ pirate to yas! This ensemble can be derived a multitude of ways, but the main way is through the quest Dressing … Continue reading »

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In patch 4.0.6 (?), Bob and his minions decided to bork a title I had previously achieved back in June 2010. That title was “the Exalted”. I’m all about adding new achieves, however Bob really bucked the system when he took out the title by those who had previously achieved it. At first, I was … Continue reading »

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Over 9 Thousand

still haven’t achieved insane….damn darkmoon cards. Achievement: It’s Over Nine Thousand!

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Part of Your Guild

A parody “Part of your World” from The Little Mermaid by Aquilae of World of Filkcraft. It’s actually quite beautifully sung.

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Vestments of Prophecy

I’ve updated Armor Sets in the Collections section with Vestments of Prophecy. Also, Pictured is Benediction/Anathema and Core Hound Pup. Gear: Boots of Prophecy Circlet of Prophecy Girdle of Prophecy Gloves of Prophecy Pants of Prophecy Mantle of Prophecy Robes of Prophecy Vambraces of Prophecy

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Rare – Clutchmother Zavas

Clutchmother Zavas loot: Swashbuckler’s Gloves of the Owl

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Fashion Friday – Simple Dress

I’ve decided to do a weekly series called Fashion Friday. The idea is to present different options in outfits and accessories that can be worn in game whether if it’s for role playing or just simply want to look a little bit different from the normal end game raiding sets (there’s a time for those … Continue reading »

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Recently, I’ve had to make a lot of changes due to a security issue that arose. Currently everything is up to par as far as security is concerned, however I have a lot of behind the scenes work to accomplish. With this recent incident, I have decided to take a more active role in updating … Continue reading »

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Swift White Hawkstrider

After killing Kael’thas Sunstrider more times than I care to remember, I finally got the Swift White Hawkstrider. She’s quite a beauty.

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