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random – without a home

Extended Break

Real Life Calls. RL: “hi” gamer: “Hello” RL: “You have a wedding that’s coming up, you know?” gamer: “I do? oh Umm I guess I should stop horsing around and get that thing planned, eh?” RL: “Yes, or I shall smite you right in the ass!” gamer: “I got it! Geez Louise” a few moments … Continue reading »

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Exalted with Argent Dawn

After many long hours of undead slayings and spider squashings, Kamiree has reached exalted with argent dawn. The victory finally allowed her a personal glimpse into Naxxramas (long LONG overdue), promptly allowing her to kill mr. bigglesworth. I know, I know. All that work just to kill a freakin’ cat? But that cat is something … Continue reading »

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Quiet Moment

a quiet moment of reflection

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Ironforge – Exalted

Kamiree finally reached exalted status with Ironforge. Wow, I only took 3 years. However, she is too broke to actually purchase the cross-faction mount. D’oh! She was greatly disappointed to found out the Ironforge mount was a ram and not a dwarf. “But I want a Dwarf Mount!!”

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dots dots more dots

50 dkp minus

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fell asleep

I apparently fell asleep for a couple months. I am back though. QV is pretty much on hiatus again. Though, I’ve decided to continue my slow but somewhat steady path of reputation building with Kamiree and Zaira. Currently, I’m working on Argent Dawn with Kamiree and Timbermaw Hold with Zaira. Even with the increased reputation … Continue reading »

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Consortium – Honored

Zaira hit honored with her Consortium reputation tonight. She can now make a 24 slot gem bag and enchant a melee weapon with 7 additional points of damage.

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Dezian Queenfish

Today on Kamiree, I caught the dezian queenfish during the Stranglethorn Vale fishing tournament. In Booty Bay, I was able to get the High Test Eternium Fishing Line which adds + 5 fishing to my Arcanite Fishing Pole.

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Zaira reaches 70

Zaira attained level 70 tonight and quickly bought her flying mount. Tomorrow begins the mote farming maddness and get rich quick scheme.

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Shattered Halls

Tonight, We ran through SH to work on REP. Awokih and myself reached revered with Honor Hold, close behind is Wazebi and Azrun. Donaden has already attained it. No loot worth mentioning. However, I did gain the key to heroic Shattered Halls. Donaden demonstrates his new past time, Ice Block Jumping. Summer Festival Bug – … Continue reading »

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