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Rare Monsters

Rare – Time-Lost Proto-Drake

After nearly 3 years of on/off camping and listening to wind gusts in the bitterly cold land of Storm Peaks, I took down Time-Lost Proto-Drake and stole the Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. My last camping session lasted approximately 30 hours, during which I killed Vyragosa and Skoll. I camped the spawn point near Frozen … Continue reading »

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Rare – Roloch

Another day digging in the never ending quest of artifacts, I found a rare monster Roloch. He is a rather ghastly ogre sporting a one shoulder bare armor piece. Regardless of his poor choice in fashion, I swear this guy makes goblins smell like roses. If you don’t mind the foul stench, You can find … Continue reading »

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Rare – Clutchmother Zavas

Clutchmother Zavas loot: Swashbuckler’s Gloves of the Owl

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Ravenholdt Grind

Today, I’m grinding syndicate in The Uplands area of Alterac Mountains for my quest to attain “insane in the membrane” feat of strength. I came across a couple of rares (Stone Fury & Gravis Slipknot), which I’ve probably killed both a few times. Luckily, I remembered to turn on video and record it. Videos after … Continue reading »

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Razormaw Hatchling

Razormaw Matriarch loot: Razormaw Hatchling After a couple days of checking the Razormaw Matriarch spawn point, I was able to snatch this cute lil hatchling. It came with a lot of interesting conversations in the wee hours of the morning, along with accusations of being a bot. This pet is a bit of a personal … Continue reading »

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