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Level 100

I hit level 100 today! w00ts

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Rare – Roloch

Another day digging in the never ending quest of artifacts, I found a rare monster Roloch. He is a rather ghastly ogre sporting a one shoulder bare armor piece. Regardless of his poor choice in fashion, I swear this guy makes goblins smell like roses. If you don’t mind the foul stench, You can find … Continue reading »

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Vestments of Prophecy

I’ve updated Armor Sets in the Collections section with Vestments of Prophecy. Also, Pictured is Benediction/Anathema and Core Hound Pup. Gear: Boots of Prophecy Circlet of Prophecy Girdle of Prophecy Gloves of Prophecy Pants of Prophecy Mantle of Prophecy Robes of Prophecy Vambraces of Prophecy

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Fashion Friday – Simple Dress

I’ve decided to do a weekly series called Fashion Friday. The idea is to present different options in outfits and accessories that can be worn in game whether if it’s for role playing or just simply want to look a little bit different from the normal end game raiding sets (there’s a time for those … Continue reading »

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