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Karazhan attunement

Posted by on March 10, 2007

Last night, We did a full Shadow Labs run. I got my first key fragment. w00t! I also respecced to Holy/Discipline. Though I do plan to work on getting Alei up in level as my shadow priest. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the shadow spec.

Currently my build is 24/37/0

It’s a bit varied from my previous holy/disc build, but I definitely feel like Donanden nailed it on the head on this build. Though I will sorely miss Power infusion, as well Wazebi (teehee). It’s damn nice to have Prayer of Spirit again. Though switching from shadow and the ability to plow through mobs with out huge loss of mana is a bit of a low. However, I found that grinding mobs isn’t as bad as it had been previously.

My main focus is finishing attunement for karazhan and finishing out the last of my secondary trade skills. Fishing is still pretty low, cooking is almost wrapped up. Primary skills are good, I’m 374/375 on Tailoring and 375/375 on Skinning.

I still want to finish my reputation levels with Darassus and Argent Dawn. I think a few days of grinding would wrap them up, but It’ll have to be during the week. The major problem during the week is the lack of focus and will to accomplish them. Blasted work.

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