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A Burning Bush?

Posted by on April 29, 2007


After two attempts (mostly due to Donaden’s shitastic DSL), We downed the last boss in Black Morass. I was able to pick up the nifty trinket (Scarab of the Infinite Cycle). Also, I attained revered the night prior, but Donaden and Awokih reached revered with the Keepers of Time.

Afterwards, I began farming motes of water and motes of fire in Nagrand. Kooni pointed out to me that pure water elemental pools spawn @ the top of the Northern Waterfalls in Nagrand. So I’ve found a new place to farm without dying as much as I do in Skettis. Woohoo! Several Pools seems to pop up and repop around 30 minutes or so later. Very Nice I was able to get about 4 primal waters after only a couple rounds. I would have had more if i was killing the water elemental mobs out there as well, but I left that to Kooni to handle.

Chrono Lord Deja

Scarab of the Infinite Cycle

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