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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Shattered Halls

Tonight, We ran through SH to work on REP. Awokih and myself reached revered with Honor Hold, close behind is Wazebi and Azrun. Donaden has already attained it. No loot worth mentioning. However, I did gain the key to heroic Shattered Halls. Donaden demonstrates his new past time, Ice Block Jumping. Summer Festival Bug – … Continue reading »

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Sethekk Halls – Heroic

Things were a little sticky, but we downed the first boss on 2nd attempt. Quite a bit more challenging than we had anticipated. Drops: Sky-Hunter Swift Boots Stalwart Fire Opal

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Ogrimmar Trip

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chapter closed

With great saddness, I and others have left Black Dragon Syndicate. The guild has stepped into “inactive” raiding status. Some point in the future we may seek out another raiding guild, but at this time we’ve all returned to Quaere Verum to continue our 5man Instance runs. We all will definitely miss the fun we … Continue reading »

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