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fell asleep

Posted by on November 10, 2007

I apparently fell asleep for a couple months. I am back though. QV is pretty much on hiatus again. Though, I’ve decided to continue my slow but somewhat steady path of reputation building with Kamiree and Zaira. Currently, I’m working on Argent Dawn with Kamiree and Timbermaw Hold with Zaira. Even with the increased reputation gains, the path to exalted is quite a feat to attain. Well okay, It may not be a feat, but it does require a lot of time and kills in order to do it. Which since I barely get logged in on weekends, It may take me until the next expansion is out to finish them up.

Anyhoo, I think i should probably run the instances of Strat/Scholo more with Kamiree since trash mobs still have reputation gains on kills. Only problem is soloing with a priest, it can get a little hairy with 5-6 mobs slapping me silly.

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