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Rare – Roloch

Posted by on May 30, 2011

Another day digging in the never ending quest of artifacts, I found a rare monster Roloch. He is a rather ghastly ogre sporting a one shoulder bare armor piece. Regardless of his poor choice in fashion, I swear this guy makes goblins smell like roses. If you don’t mind the foul stench, You can find him roaming just west of the Horde encampment of Grom’gol in Northern Stranglethorn. He follows a path between the main road through Northern Stranglethorn down towards Mizjan Ruins. If you really must mingle with the ogres, I highly suggest finding a gas mask before you hunt him down.

The Rare:
Level: 26
Health: 1,500

The Loot:
5 silver 40 copper
Silk Cloth x 7
Ivycloth Mantle of the Whale

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